Duck Two Ways, and Ducky Potatoes and Leftovers

July 11th, 2010  / Author: Kyla

We finally got around to cooking our two KEG ducks this week, so I thought I’d do a post about what we did with them. Want to know what the leftovers were? Here’s a hint:

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my new favourite way to eat Asian stirfry greens…

July 10th, 2010  / Author: shannon

is in crêpes. Or maybe I should say my new favourite food is crêpes, and this is just another great reason to eat them.

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Another Scape Recipe

July 9th, 2010  / Author: Kyla

Still have some scapes lying around in your fridge? No worries – they last a surprisingly long time! Shannon mentioned making a scape vinaigrette in her scape post, so I thought I’d share our method (admittedly somewhat poached from Jamie Kennedy’s early spring cooking Lunch and Learn at the Gardiner Museum).

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red currants

July 6th, 2010  / Author: shannon

These little red orbs are appearing in the large share and on the extras table this week… intrigued by their beauty but left wondering what you’d do with them? look no further – recipes below!

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What do I do with these stirfry greens?

July 5th, 2010  / Author: shannon

Good question. Besides the obvious, the answer around here is EVERYTHING – we eat these greens for almost every meal – at least twice per day! They’re perfect with poached eggs on toast, in a big plate of potato hash, sautéed alone or with mushrooms or garlic or onions (or anything that can be sautéed really), in butter or oil, in omelettes or scrambled eggs, in stirfries or bean dishes or soup or grains or a big pile on their own with nuts or seeds or anything else you’d ever want to eat. They’re the most-used greens in my house hands down – we eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner, and even my 3 year old loves them. They’re beautiful and delicious, with the perfect combo of zip, green, and crunch. How’s that for a sale?

mixed Asian stirfry greens in the garden

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Mató and Maple Syrup

June 29th, 2010  / Author: shannon

Click on the link below to check out a great post by Alex on last week’s share – another member of the KEG community with a great food blog, featuring great food!

garlic scapes

June 22nd, 2010  / Author: shannon

The great thing about having interns (which you’ll meet soon) is that you can get them to do all the little things you can’t seem to find time for, and it all gets done without you; not that it means I’m less than a week behind, just that it means things actually get done at all…so, here are some recipes for those garlic scapes that may or may not still be in your fridge, as found by Liang The Intern! (and posted by me a week later!)

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Harvest Kitchen Sisters

June 21st, 2010  / Author: shannon

Check out the links at the bottom to see a great local food blog – Harvest Kitchen Sisters, a collaboration between one of our Toronto members and one of our K’Lakes growers who happen to be both foodies and sisters… stay tuned here and there for weekly posts from Amelia about her KEG share (including beautiful pics and fantastic recipes like the one below!), and check out Laura’s posts on the growing side of things – you’ll get both sides of KEG’s food spectrum in one conveniently fantastic location!

Green Noodles with Barbecued Naked Pig Sausages


overdue rhubarb recipes…

June 15th, 2010  / Author: shannon

I know I promised rhubarb recipes to about 100 people last week, and my apologies for the slow turn around time…but as you’ve likely learned by now, this is fast for me! Here’s two of our favourite ways to eat ‘barb around here:

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KEG 2010 CSA starts this week!

June 8th, 2010  / Author: shannon

So summer is really here right? Even if the calendar doesn’t say so, it sure feels like summer with the onset of the summer CSA. Things are in full swing here in the Kawarthas – seeds have been sown, transplants are in (thanks to the early early spring most went in way ahead of schedule), things are being weeded, mulched, fed and cared for. We’ve had a great amount of heat and sun (already more than all of last year I’ll bet!), and a couple of dry scares saved just in time by perfect nighttime rains. Who knows what the season will bring, but for sure we’ll all be eating well!

Happy CSA kickoff week. Stay tuned for recipes, news, and other exciting tidbits coming soon!